Twitter Releases New Research into How to Create Successful Video Content [Infographic]

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Twitter’s latest research into what makes a video successful on the platform has revealed some interesting insights - and inspired some bold statements from the micro-blog giant.

For example:

“The numbers showed that Twitter’s users lead the pack in enjoying, sharing and talking about videos”

And while such grandiose claims are to be expected within the context of a platform’s marketing strategy, Twitter’s basing this on their findings after examining engagement within 4.2 million Twitter conversations and interviewing 2,000 US and UK users.

Among Twitter’s key discoveries, they found that:

- Twitter users are 28% more likely to talk with others about videos they’ve watched, compared to the average online video viewer

- 72% of Twitter users often make a comment about video online, higher than on the other main digital platforms

- One in four users comment on videos to initiate new discussion or debate - an uplift of 56% vs. the average video viewer

But possibly their most interesting discovery was this: “…the secret to video success is second-wave sharing. Influencers may create an initial buzz around a video, but it takes another round of sharing for that video to make it big. Only one in five videos we tested were able to motivate a second wave of influencers to comment and Retweet, but over 90% of videos that reached that second wave were successful.” So what does “second-wave sharing” actually mean? Incorporating the conversational element of Twitter, second-wave sharing relates to inspiring conversation beyond the original tweet. As noted, with 72% of users regularly commenting, the second wave goes beyond an initial like or re-tweet, and sparks further conversation around that topic.

Brands can prompt such action by:

Building emotional connection – Twitter found that while humor, for example, is great for sparking first-wave sharing, videos that trigger deeper emotional response as well, like hope or pride, are twice as likely to make it big

Linking into a trending topic or discussion – Twitter says that “of the moment” videos perform best, content that’s timely and focussed on trending events – “whether that was something as exclusive as an awards ceremony or as universal as a snowstorm”.

Telling a story Sharing a great story can inspire more interest, as well as initiating wider discussion. Twitter’s incorporated the results of their research into this new infographic, which is a must read for anyone looking to utilize video content on the platform.