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  • Killa Designs Google Analytics and SEO
    Killa Designs Google Analytics and SEO Killa Designs Google Analytics and SEO

Meta descriptions and keywords are useful, however, on their own, they cannot lift your search rankings. Pages and images must be named correctly, keywords and descriptions need to vary from page to page, etc. There are many parameters that go into a successful SEO package for your website. Correct listings with Google Maps and Google Places as well as back-links to your site are other key areas that will increase traffic. We can assist you to identify and target key search phrases to rapidly improve your search rankings which will deliver you more customers.

Our search engine optimization service encompasses consultation, keyword research, copywriting, website redevelopment, creating incoming links, submitting to search engines and finally reporting on optimization results. Killa Designs is dedicated to the high standard of SEO that major search engines demand. We offer SEO services with guaranteed results based on your keywords and content. Search engines’ algorithms are structured to provide higher rankings to pages with highly relevant and unique web content. Today, SEO content writing is an essential requirement to achieve top rankings for your website. SEO content writers make sure that your website content is relevant as well as keyword rich with the correct keyword density. Keywords placed at the right locations assist your search engine ranking.

Killa Designs provides you with the best organic search results. We guarantee you long lasting online visibility as well as superb viral reach.

By employing the very latest techniques, all traffic is routed to your primary domain name. The analytics data will show: what devices your visitors have used to browse your site, what pages they viewed, for how long and in what order, where they entered, and where they exited. In addition, we are able to measure all traffic delivered via your branded social media pages. The reports show which social media channels deliver the most engaging visitors. Graphic flow charts easily explain how, where and when your visitors navigate your content within your website.

Why do you need SEO Services?

  • Good relevant content has proven to impact users’ decisions to take action, accelerating their progress towards purchasing a product or service.
  • Keyword rich unique content with the correct keyword density improves your search engine ranking, significantly increasing relevant traffic to your website.
  • More SEO-friendly content allows you to build themes for your website pages, allowing you to target more keywords.
  • Site pages with no or little unique content tend to get pushed to Google’s supplemental index, impacting the overall ranking of your website.
  • Search engines provide higher rankings to websites with continuously updated unique content.
  • Articles, press releases, and blogs can be used to acquire valuable one-way links to your website.

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